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Shock absorbers are an important part of deceleration technology. ACE safety shock absorbers are designed for emergency applications to improve the performance and safe operation of equipment such as automated storage and retrieval systems or large industrial equipment.

Most industrial operations require kinetic energy. This kinetic energy, however, cannot be stopped abruptly as it increases exponentially with velocity. It must be decelerated at a certain rate. Otherwise, costly damages to machinery may incur. Shock absorbers enable this machinery to decelerate safely. Safety shock absorbers are utilized in a variety of fields and, as such, they can be customized to better serve the needs of a particular industry. Different models exist for different functions.

During normal operation, safety shock absorbers are required to provide only minimal resistance, but are designed to function under full load conditions when necessary.  In an emergency or high velocity condition, the shock absorber responds to protect the installation by providing controlled deceleration. 

In the normal ready condition the piston rod is fully extended. When the impacting load strikes the absorber, the hydraulic oil behind the piston is forced out through a series of metering orifices. The number of metering orifices in action decreases proportionally through the stroke and the load velocity is gradually reduced to zero.  The internal pressure and the reaction force remain constant throughout the entire stroke length. The displaced oil is stored in an accumulator.  The flow of the fluid is controlled allowing the rod to reset to its extended position for the next cycle. 

Applications for safety shock absorbers include overhead cranes, conveyors, turntables, dockside equipment, steel/foundries, elevators, lumber mills, offshore rigs and bridges, and theme park rides. 

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ACE Controls Inc., located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is the world leader in deceleration technology. Its global customer service network includes offices in England, Germany and Japan with distributors in over 110 cities in 35 countries.